Free seo tools for keyword research

Are you looking for any free keyword research tool? I heard, you say yes!

As you know Keyword research is the first blueprint and the most important part of digital marketing. No doubt, a perfect keyword research helps you to be a successful.

So finding the right keywords is a great challenge for anyone. It’s a matter of research, isn’t it? There are many keywords research tools free and paid. However I have mentioned a bunch of free SEO tools for keyword research in 2021 new updates below.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a best of best keyword research tool which is totally free. It will show you the relative popularity of a keyword. It provides related queries of audiences, related topics which will give you additional ideas about keyword research, marketing strategies, and content as well.  

Google Trend allows keyword research on both local and worldwide perspective. It helps you to get the idea about the regional and seasonal trends. In this tool, you can compare multiple keywords to get the idea about audience interests.

The data from Google trends is trusted and dependable as those comes from the search of Google users and provided by Google directly.


Soovle is one the best keyword research tool I have ever used. Basically Soovle generates a well decorated list of your keyword related top terms for the major service providers. It provides you the idea of the interests of different platforms.

In this tool, you need to type your keyword and it will show all of the related top keywords for Wikipedia, Google, Amazon,, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo in one place.

Yes! It’s fully free! That’s why I included Soovle in free SEO tools for keyword research in 2021 new updates article.” An amazing free keyword research tool. In this tool you can find top searched related keywords. However the core facility is you can research keywords for different platforms. It provides keyword ideas for Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yandex, Wikipedia, Ebay, Alibaba, Playstore, Fiverr, and Fotolia.

You will find common questions related to your keyword in “”.

As like for different platforms, “” allows to keyword research for different countries.

Google keyword planner

Do you think Google keyword planner is just a traditional keyword research tool?

No. It’s a wonderful and very effective SEO tool for keyword research. Google keyword planner provides you the related keywords with monthly search volume and competition. Though this competition score is only for paid ads provider but the other data is really valuable.

The keyword ideas and the search volume are really effective and legit as those are come straight from Google.  

In Google keyword planner you can research keywords for particular countries and see the average search volume in a particular time period.  

Free seo tools for keyword research in 2021


Ubersuggest allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for your competitors and others.  With SEO reports you will get the idea about your competitor’s page rankings in search results and social shares.

A useful feature of Ubersuggest is long tail keyword suggestions. Basically it provides long tail keyword suggestions based on top ranked competitor’s website and Google search.  

Ubersuggest provide content ideas and backlink information also.  

Rank Tracker (free version)

Basically Rank Tracker is a paid SEO tool for keyword research but it has a well built free version also. There is no limit on project creation and keyword research in Rank Tracker. It can find out all of the ranking keywords of any domain.

Another reason of including Rank Tracker in free SEO tools for keyword research in 2021 new updates article is it can be integrated to Google keyword planner, Google search consol, and Google analytics.

Do you know Rank Tracker supports all major search engines? You can try it.

 Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a free chrome extension works as a SEO tool for keyword research. It allows you to see search volume of any keyword based on Google search result. It also provides content guidelines and used to reveal search data.

Keyword Surfer is 100% free.

Ok. I have mentioned around 7 free SEO tools for keyword research in 2021 new updates. Do you use any free keyword research tool that I missed here? Let me know via comment.

Don’t forget to try the tools I have mentioned.

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