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Nowadays freelancing has become a very popular profession. Many people are leaving their jobs to join freelancing because 

the mode of this profession is freedom. You don't have to do what anyone says. You can work whenever you want .

Freelancing means giving someone a job instead of money. 

Just like you can draw a good picture and a man wants to 

draw a good design on the wall of his house, now he will 

hire you for a certain amount of money and use your skills 

to look at the picture

 on the wall of his house. Got a nice design at home .And online freelancing means that a person sitting at home does the work of people from another country or another area .For example, designing a logo for a YouTube channel, writing an article for someone, composing a song for someone, editing for someone, etc. is called freelancing. In a word, a job that everyone can do. As a result

 You earn some money freelancing him.

Freelancing can be done with all the work in the world. Below are some examples of freelancing work .

Freelancing tutorial aquirehoe

Photo editing ;

If you know how to edit someone's picture well, you can make money by editing someone else's picture .

Video Editing: If you know the techniques of video editing, you can earn money by editing someone's wedding video or a YouTube video.

 There is a good demand for video editing at present  .If you only know Premier Pro well, you can make 20 thousand rupees per month just by video editing .

web developing;

Many businesses or people want to create their own blog or website to sell something. But not everyone can make a website. 

Then they make a website with the help of those who can make a website. It takes 6 to 7 months to learn how to create a website. 

Freelancing can also be done by learning the techniques of how to create a website.Those who create websites are called web developers .

Web development is one of the most difficult tasks in freelancing .

Logo design

Many companies want to make their own symbol that sets them apart from others. You can earn them by making that logo.

 You need to know how to use Photoshop to create this logo. Also have a good idea about color.

 Also, many people can't make thumbnails of YouTube videos, you can make money by doing that work. 

But to do all this, you need to know how to use Photoshop, then you can earn good money 


Voice over

Many can speak well. Can describe well. They can also do freelancing with their own voices in other people's videos. 

Making music

Many people can sing but can't make music. You can earn money by making music for them.

 But in order to make music, you have to have a good idea about music.

 You also need to know how to play musical instruments 

Digital marketing

You can also earn money by promoting other companies' products. This is also called freelancing 

You can also earn money by helping someone to increase their Instagram followers .

In addition to the jobs mentioned above, there are many other jobs in freelancing 

But no matter what you do, you need to know English well .

Now let's get to the basics, you won't get a job just by learning freelancing. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

 There are a few websites called Marketplace. In those places people give different jobs. Just like someone needs a logo, someone needs a 

video editor that will edit his video. This means that in those places, 

people do things that they cannot do on their own. And those who can do those things do them for money. 

Freelancing tutorial aquirehow

Those are the websites

Buyers will hire within this website and sellers will apply to the buyer to get the job.

All these websites come from all over the world. They usually pay in dollars. And you need PayPal to withdraw that money, and it is possible to transfer money to the bank by adding your own bank account in PayPal. 

To get a job you need to convince the buyer that you can afford the job and take less money instead 

 The buyer will give the job to the seller who will like the job

In this website, first you have to test on the subject that you are proficient in.

 If you are pass there, you can create an account in that website and apply for a job.

Then you can apply for the job with different buyers. If the buyer is satisfied with your profile then the buyer will give you the job.

Write the tasks that you can in your profile well. No need to write too much. You just have to write in a simple way .

This website is not good for new freelancers. This website gives very little work to new freelancers. 

But if you are Purana Purana then you will get good opportunity in this website 

Freelancing is the income with talent. If you have some kind of talent then you can make money with that talent through freelancing .


toptal freelance talent marketplace

Are you in need of expert technology freelancers? Need someone who can code? 

Someone who can write about web development and web design? 

Toptal is a unique hiring platform that helps you find the kind of person that would eventually 

become a part of your team! The process of finding a good person for the job is so simple and trustworthy that

 you will be surprised at yourself for not having used this platform before. Toptal provides the highest quality 

of freelance tech talent for any design environment or web,

 mobile, or desktop technology stack.






These are freelancing marketplaces. Here you can use your talent to earn a good income .

No matter what you do, you have to be good at English or you will not be able to talk to foreign clients and if you cannot speak,

 the client will not give you a project. So first of all do your English well.

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