Graphics design tutorial

How can you be a graphic designer?

Nowadays freelancing has become the main occupation of many people.And there are many parts to this freelancing.

Graphic design is one of them.First we will discuss what a graphic designer does?A graphic designer's job is to make different kinds of pictures.Like we see a lot of 

cartoons on TV or on the internet.Those cartoons are made by graphic designers.Graphic designers also make up most of the things we see on TV.

Also graphic designers make all the unreal pictures we see in the advertisements of anything.We can take pictures of normal things with the camera but we cannot 

take pictures of any unusual things with the camera.Then this graphic designer made these pictures.Most of the unusual things we've seen in the Avengers movie are made by graphic designers.Graphic designers have also made many of the movies that show scenes from outside the world .

Graphic designers spend a lot of money to do these things. So it is possible to earn a lot of money by designing graphic. Also a graphic designer creates the logo.
Logo design
 Nowadays logo is an important issue. Logos are needed to differentiate yourself from others in any business or work.The graphic designer also creates the thumbnail at

 the top of the video on YouTube, which is what we see when we click on the video.A graphic designer also makes all movie posters.So all of this shows how important
 graphic designer is .A graphic designer takes thousands of rupees to make any logo .Now we will know what is required to learn graphics design .To be a graphic designer you need to

 have a good idea about color .Also need to know good drawing. Because graphic design is digital drawing. You may also need to do digital drawing in graphic design.

Because if you know well about drawing or can do drawing then graphic design will be easy for you .However, there is no problem if you do not know good drawing for graphic design, but you need to know drawing .

You also have to have good creative energy to do graphic design because the people who will give you these jobs don't even know what kind of work they need. 

How to become a graphics designer

if you are not creative then you wont be a good graphic designer.Then you have to be creative first .You also need to buy a good computer to do graphic design. 

The computer must have a good graphics card. However, to buy a computer for graphic design, it costs about 60 thousand rupees.Also learning graphic design on your own is very difficult so 

if possible you can get admitted in any graphic design coaching. There are also many videos on YouTube that you can watch to learn graphic design for free.

It can take about 6 to 7 months or more for a person to learn graphic design .It takes a little time to learn any job but to be very skilled in any job it takes regular practice .

So take some time to learn graphic design and when you learn to work, start practicing every day. beacuse practice makes a man perfect.So take some time to learn graphic design and 

when you learn the job, start practicing every day.To learn graphic design you need to know well about two apps Adobe Illustrator and adobe photoshop.these are the main thing,that you have to learn .

First of all you need to know about Adobe Photoshop. If you can learn Adobe Photoshop well then you can be a good graphic designer. But after learning Photoshop, you

 have to learn the work of Adobe Illustrator because the work of Adobe Illustrator is a little difficult. However, 

if you can learn the work of Photoshop well between these two, then graphic design can be done well.The workplace of graphic designers is 2, one is different ad agencies and the other is freelancing. The job of the 

ad agencies is to create beautiful pictures of their products, which people will want to buy when they see the pictures.

And the job of freelancing is to submit your bio in a website, where you can post what you can. Then those who need those jobs will hire you. To make them work .

The difference between a job and freelancing is that in a job you have to do regular work on time but in freelancing you don't always have to work when you want to work when you don't want to work. 

There are many freelancing websites,these are etc .fiver . com is the most popular website for freelanching .    

 Graphic design is a very difficult task. It takes about 1 year to learn this job but many people can't do the job well. You have to pay a lot of attention while learning this job. 

But if you can do drawing well or you have more interest in drawing then you can learn graphic design. If you can't draw or don't have much interest in drawing then 

graphic design is not for you .If you can do very good art, then start practicing art in tablets because that work is very demanding and not everyone can do it.
How much you make money from Graphics Design
When you become a good graphic designer, you will earn at least 5 lakh rupees a month, so while learning this job, you will learn a lot with Manoj and have a lot of patience. Because that patience will make you a good graphic designer  

Start Building Your Skills in High School. It never hurts to start early in any field, but it is particularly important when it comes to graphic design. ...

Earn a Degree in Graphic Design. ...

Complete Internships. ...

Create a Compelling Portfolio. ...

Stay Current. ...

Return to School.

So don't waste time, use your time without playing games at home because playing this game will not be your future. 

If you want to build a better future, use your time. Learn any good deed.

If you want to become a graphic designer then make up your mind and start learning to work for 1 year. Never give up hope.

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