Fraud Insurance

Fraud insurance

Insurance fraud is when a person claims insurance but the person is not eligible for that money, it is called insurance fraud.

Bad people are found everywhere in the world today.

 Insurance is a kind of compensation. If you have any kind of loss, you will get that compensation from the insurance company.

 But you have to buy that insurance first.However, sometimes many insurance 

companies do not want to pay you for your insurance. They say your work does

 not match our agreement. So we will not pay you. And at that point the situation is just as bad again when the 

insurance company says this and does not want to do anything else.Also

 many times if someone dies and if he is insured then the insurance company 

has to pay the family of that deceased person. But if the insurance company 

is a fraud, then the company continues to prove the death of the deceased person as suicide.

 Because no insurance company pays for suicide, this is their policy.

There are many types of insurance, such as home insurance, car insurance, body insurance, insurance for any damage to the body,

 insurance for the family after death, insurance for business, and so on. However, there are many companies that offer many benefits

 with insurance. Again there are many companies who not only offer opportunities but

 also cheat money .

Fraud Insurance

There are also many ordinary people who try to be dishonest with 

insurance companies. For example, if someone insures the car and 

the car is slightly damaged, then the customer starts asking for .

The people in the insurance company are all experienced about insurance. But even if they have experience, they cannot 

catch insurance fraud. They need to learn better about this .

There are also cases where many fake insurance companies take millions of rupees from people and run away one day.

insurance money. But it is well written on the insurance paper that 

the insurance company will not pay unless the car is badly damaged.

Billions of rupees are spent on insurance fraud every year. Many people hide their cars or motorcycles 

and demand insurance money from insurance companies.

Many companies also insure them, even after they have made a profit

Demands insurance money from insurance companies by showing fake reports to insurance companies .

Also many insurance companies tell a lot of stories to pay their customers. As they begin to show customers 

the lack of different papers. And at the end of the day when the customer can't bring that paper the insurance

 company expresses dissatisfaction to pay the customer his money.

 This is also an example of insurance fraud .In 2000, an insurance company in Bangladesh fled with about Rs 200 crore. 

About 150 people bought insurance in that company.Also in America, one or another insurance company is constantly fleeing with people's money. According to the American police, 5 insurance companies run away with people's money every year. U.S. 

police have asked people to pay insurance companies to find out.

Why does a person buy insurance because his family is not in trouble when he is not there? And if insurance companies run away with people's

 money in this way, they not only lose money but also the future of a family.Also, many people sign the agreement without reading it.

 As a result, many times insurance companies write down the rules and later when you take the insurance money they will not pay you and

 you will not be able to take legal help for that.

 So when you sign the insurance paper, think carefully and sign it after reading it well.

I will share a true story with you. He had a small business in a city in America. He was a tailor.

 He was the sole breadwinner of his family. He wondered one day what would happen to his family if he 

died or if Boro had an accident with him. Then one day his friend suddenly told him about insurance, how 

insurance works and told him everything. The man was happy to hear all this and began to express interest 

in buying insurance. But he did not know where to buy insurance. Then one day a man came to his house from

 an insurance company. And this guy was already interested in buying insurance, so the tailor bought an insurance

 without talking to the guy from the insurance company. Every month they started depositing insurance money. One

 day the tailor's hand suddenly got stuck in the machine and now the man can no longer sew clothes. Then he thought

 he had bought an insurance company. For that he went to the insurance company and applied for insurance money. But 

the insurance guy said you can't withdraw money before 10 years. Now the man is in trouble because he has no money to 

run his business for 10 years now. The man from the company then told the tailor that it was written in your agreement

 that you could not withdraw the money before 10 years. Then the tailor realized that it was a mistake to sign the paper

 without reading it here.But not only did the tailor make a mistake here, the insurance company man cheated here, the company man should have read the agreement paper well because he knew the tailor would not buy insurance if he understood the paper, and the company would benefit from keeping money in the 

insurance company for 10 years. This is also a kind of insurance fraud .

A foundational framework should reflect a fraud-detection strategy that addresses such questions as: How can we check all claims for fraud but ensure fast

 claim processing? How can we identify fraud before a claim is paid? How can we improve fraud investigation efficiency? How can we keep track of changing 

fraud behaviors? How can we reduce false positive signals? And finally: What is the best approach to automate the fraud-detection process and predict the 

likelihood of fraud? Implementing a foundational framework enables management to make better decisions about priorities, resource deployment and investments.

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