What is PTC sites. 8 Most Common Question About Ptc Sites(Aquirehow)

Work Smart Not Hard.
Make money online is a best way to earn money. But if you earn money easily than it is very easy way to make money by PTC. Today We will share you that about PTC site.
What is PTC: Ptc Stands for paid to click. It is  best online business that's support to users to earn money by clicking ads or viewing ads. PTC website works as intermediaries Between Users and advertiser. There are many of company or institute have which that publish their passion or service in the whole world. So that they invest a huge money different advertising network. Then the network works that's they will pay their user for clicking ads or viewing ads. The advertiser pays to display ads on the ptc site and users or traffic can click this ad and they get some payment from this ads.

How much pay ptc site their users: It is a most common question that how i earn from ptc sites. This answer therefore this sites pay by clicking ads and it is very easy. And no need to proper knowledge for click ads. When you clicks ads they pay you so that you will not able to earn huge money from ptc sites. You can earn some extra money. You must need to know that their business advertiser pay them less. It is designs in such a way that they pay you less to promote their business advertiser.

How does work referral from ptc site and how much you earn from referral:
Referral means its a system from ptc site that if you invite your friends and family join their program you will get a referral link and you invite them. You can earn money two ways from referral. Some of ptc sites pay for referral some cents and some of ptc sites pay you commission from your invite people earning.
An example think you work a ptc sites. They pay you 0.001$ to 0.01 $ per click. When you invite people for join this platform you will get a referral link. Suppose Their commission is 10% for referral. That's means if your invited people earn 100 cents and you will get 10 cent and it is not cutting from your invited people earning. And it is running lifetime if you and your referred people is active on this site everyday. Hope you understand.

How Much You can earn and When you able to withdraw:
It is most common question that about this topic. We are discuss about how much you  earn please read our up article. Now you know that  when you can able to withdraw. We clearly say you that it depend which ptc sites that you work. The all ptc sites pay there users from there minimum payment threshold. For example a ptc website that's name neobux. Suppose you work this ptc site. You earn money by click ads. suppose there minimums payout threshold is $2. When you earn up to this amount then you will able to withdraw your earning balance. Otherwise you will not able to submit a withdraw request if you earn less that $2. Hope you understand about this. There are many payment method to withdraw money. Like that Paypal Payza bitcoin webmoney skrill etc. You can withdraw your balance which you choice. But remember that you only withdraw your balance when you reach minimum payment threshold.

What is rented referral i do not understand how does it work: 
A visitor ask me this question by email. Thanks for this important question. We know that ptc site pay less their user. But where is a system that if you invest some money by rent a people or auto click you will able to earn extra money. It is work that for example you rent 10 people for clicking ads. Suppose you click an ad and you get $0.01. Then your rented referral is working instantly. You will get for your rented referral earning this calculate $0.01×10=$0.10. If you rent 100 you will get $1 and if you rent 200 you will get $2. But there are some terms and condition for use this system. When you rent people it is not for lifetime. Its work a package. So when you rent people or clickers you must have to active. Because of your rental is working after you click this ad. Otherwise this is not working and you will not benefit from this platform.
I had refer my some friends but i did not get any commission: Yeah there are some of people experience of this problem. My experience that the legit ptc sites must pay you commission from your referral. You need to follow some rules when you refer your friends. You must correctly copy your referral link. If you mistake anywhere in this link it will be not count on your referral. When you refer your friends must need to click your referral link and sign up. If they will not click on your link and they sign up another tab it will be not count to your referral. So be careful.

I had worked a ptc site but i dont get payment why: yeah it is most of the peoples question. Guys there are many website scam in this platform. They will scamming their user. It is really very sad things. Now i am tell you that how to detect it is scam ptc sites. You must know that paid to click is very easy. You nothing to do here and you can earn money easily. Which is work is very easy so this payment is less. You cannot earn huge money from ptc sites. And the legit ptc site cannot pay you a huge for click ads. They will pay you so less. There minimum threshold is $2 or $5. When you work at ptc sites you will notify that how much they pay per click how much there minimum payment. If you see that they pay per click high and their minimum payment is high. You will stop here. Because of they dont pay you. There are some system you can check their contact page. If you nothing got here you understand that it is scam. We hope you will earn money from online without loss anything. So be careful.
Terms Of use in ptc Sites: When you work a ptc site you must follow their rules. Otherwise you face problem when you withdraw your hard working balance. Some times you will get suspended. When you work please do not use VPN or Proxy. It is violation of their rules. Do not create multiple account in one ip address. Do not think spamming. Please be careful. Otherwise your will be closed from their authority.

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