Picoworkers Tutorial 2021. How can i work and Withdraw for Students 2021 Aquirehow

Picoworkers is one of the best online micro freelancing marketplace in the world. It was founded in 2017 by kreed street inc from santa barbara in America. Hello everybody  today we are diacuss you how to make money from picoworkers by doing small jobs. It is one of the trusted marketplace for earn some extra money from online. You can earn daily 1$-5$. Its depend on your work and workplace. Now we will discuss how to you sign up and how does you work in this platform. So lets go

What is picoworkers

Picoworkers is a marketplace which connect employer and freelancer arround the world. It is the best micro task marketplace. 

How to sign up

 If you want to work with picoworkers you need any email or gmail. Then you will go to this website www.picoworkers.com when you go to this website you can see their homepage. Then you will click to sign up button and fill up the form with correct details. Then create a strong password for secure your account. Then you click sign up button. When click this button you will get a confirmation email from this platfrom. You can go to redirectly your gmail and click confirmation link. When you click your account is fully verified and you can access any job and earn. 

If you new workers you need to fill up some requirements

 When you create an account you need follow some rules. Their system has developed for new workers. When you do any small tasks you must confident that its really can you. They place some limit in your account. For example you can not find advanced and expert  level jobs. And it will be fully depend on your success rate and temporary success.  When you completed any task if you satisfied your success rate are increasing and you find more jobs. But if you get unsatisfied your success rate are descreasing and you can not do any task further times.

How does work success rate and temporary success rate  and submit tasks interval:- If you want to work with picoworkers you must have a proper knowledge in this. Success rate means when you complete any tasks it will be pending for employer review. When employer check menually and if you meet all their steps they will satisfied you and you get this tasks payment. And it will be increase your success rate. But if you do not meet their steps they will unsatisfied you and your success rate discrease so much. Continue more unsatisfied task will be risk your account. So becareful. Temporary success means it will be depend in you submitted all job. It is very important for workers. When you submit any task your temporary success are descrese. It will be limit for every workers. For example you are worker and your temporary success rate 80%. Think 1 task submit will descrease 1% temporary rate. Their limit if you have less than 75% temporary rate you will not able to submit any task. Now if you have 80% temporary success rate you can able to more than 5 or 6 task do. When you do 5 tasks you will not able to submit any task at this time. Your all task are pending for employer review. When employer will satisfied you then your temporary success rate are increasing and you able to again doing another tasks. But note that if you are got unsatisfied it will be descrease and its can longer than you will not able to submit tasks. So becareful. Submit tasks interval means when you unsatisfied any task or spam they place a timer in your account. You cannot submit any tasks until this timer is finish. There are some reason of increse submit tasks interval 1. Unsatisfied tasks 2. Duplicate proofs 3. Spamming proofs. More unsatisfied and fraud task will imidietly ban your account.

Terms and condition when you working:-  

When you work picoworkers you must follow their some rules below
1. Do not operate multiple account. If you do this you cannot able to withdraw.
2. Do not use public wifi.
3. Do not use any short tricks and tips
4. Do not submit any fraud proofs in the proof box.
5. Do not submit duplicate proofs for multiple tasks.
6. If you dont understand any task will not be do this task. Try another tasks.
7. Do not use any VPN or proxy.
8. Its very important that you do not create any private group or chat group. It is very dengerious violation from their rules. If they find this violation you and your all of friends account will be suspended. If they suspend your account you will not able to get back your account and your all of earning will loss. So please dear do or think  not do this violation.

When i can withdraw what is payment system

There minimum payment trashold is $5.75. When you earn up to $5.75 you can able to withdraw. They pay their freelancer three method. Like that PayPal Skrill and Litecoin. You can withdraw your balance any of these system. Today i tell you how to withdraw by Litecoin. If you withdraw your balance by litecoin you need any litecoin address. You can use coinbase trustwallet and more. You copy your litecoin address and go to picoworkers wallet. Then click withdraw button. When you click this button you can see their payment method. You just click litecoin payment. Then open a box for you. You paste your litecoin address and  click send token. When you click send token they send you a 5 digit code in your email. You just copy and paste this code in the token box. Then you click submit request and your your withdrawl are pending for picoworkers payment provider. Its can takes up to 10 days. But they pay you one or two days. When you withdraw your balance you must sure that you put correct litecoin address. If you put wrong address you can not get payment. Once withdraw is completed and if you put wrong address you will not get your balance next times. So becareful in this situation.


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