How to earn What is PTC sites. 8 Most Common Question About Ptc Sites(Aquirehow) in a pandemic for students 2021 Aquirehow

Currently all students are looking for jobs to meet their small needs .But you can't find a job because you don't have qualifications .

Most people are looking for a way to earn money at home.But it is not easy to earn by working from home. For this you need to learn the work of freelancing .

And freelancing work is not easy to learn .In addition to freelancing, there are many other things that can be done at home and make a good income .

But we cannot do these things without proper guidance . There are many videos and articles on how to make money at home between YouTube and Google .

But it is impossible to know which of them is real and which is fake .So today I will tell you about some of the earning sites that you can earn at home .

However, I will talk about the sites with these sites you can earn bitcoin just by looking at the ads .Nowadays almost everyone knows the price of Bitcoin.

Currently, the price of Bitcoin is constantly rising .The price of Bitcoin was 8000dollars in 2020 and has risen to 60000 dollars in 2021.Due to the rise in the price of Bitcoin,

 many people have started earning Bitcoin .However, there are many sites to earn Bitcoin, but most of the sites do not pay .But I have worked 

on almost all the sites and I will tell you the sites from which I received payment and teach you how to work on those sites.By doing these things,

 you will be able to earn at least 1 to 2 thousand rupees per month.You can earn bitcoin then you can sell it to other people but you have to be a little bit careful

 in selling because nowadays many people are entering in the name of buying bitcoin and eating money.

The websites on which I earn bitcoin are given



Go to this website, first you need to create an account with your Gmail, 

then a verification link will be sent to your Gmail, you can verify your account by clicking on it.

And then you go into the website and you will see many options on the left hand side. 

Among them there is an option called View Addis where you have to click. Then a page will appear where there will be some blue text. 

Each of those blue text is an ad .Then you have to click on each blue ad once.

 And when you click on an ad, you will be taken to another page. There must be a certain time.2 satoshi is paid for each ad viewed in this website. And if it is 2000 Satoshi,

 you can take payment if you have this webs .And the rule of taking payment from this site is that first you have to open a COINBASE account 

then copy the address of the bitcoin wallet there and add it to CoinPayU.


You have to earn income by looking at the ads in this website.

 First you need to create an account with Gmail and your Bitcoin wallet address,

 then you need to verify Gmail and once the account is verified you can start working.

Yellow text (SURF ADS) appears on the left side of the website .You have to click on that place then Ed will come. And if you click on those ads,

 they will take you to another page and then stay there for a certain period of time, then they will pay you.

About 400 to 500 satoshi jobs are available in this website per day .You can take payment only if there are only 4000 satoshi in this website .

Really I have received payments from these sites many times and I still work on these sites .It takes a little

 time to earn money by working on these sites but if you have a little patience then you can earn a good amount         


IT IS A KIND OF BROWSER.Bitcoin mining can be done here without any work .First you need to download this browser then

 you have to sign up the browser with Gmail and then every 2 hours you have to click on Enable Mining option.

With this browser you can do other things like Facebook, YouTube, etc. After only 2 hours of the day, you need to enter the browser and enable mining.

 As soon as you enable mining, you will start earning bitcoin in the browser. You can take payment only if you have 1000 satoshi in this browser.

I myself get 10 dollars from this browser till today without any work in just 3 months. You don't have to do anything here . 

If you can work with a little patience then you can earn a good amount every month.


Big Bitcoin earning site where you can roll every hour to win relatively high payouts. You can immediately see which number you rolled and the amount you win. 

You will also receive tickets for the special lottery where you can win even more Bitcoin. Or you can just increase your Bitcoins by playing a game high/low.

In this site you can gamble with your Satoshi .You can also bet on who will win if you play football in this site .

You can also play lottery by buying lottery tickets in this site.From the sites I have mentioned above, I have already received the payment from all these sites. 

And these sites have been paying people for a long time. So you can work on these sites with complete confidence. And you have to work according to a few rules. For example,

 you can run 2 accounts on one device at a time. If you understand, your account will be suspended. Also can't use vpn during work in those websites .

These sites also have the option to earn referrals . This means that if someone starts earning money by having an account on those sites with your link,

 then you will get 10 to 15 percent of their income.So if you want to earn more then teach your friends this job too

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