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At this time picoworkers is the best marketplace for earn some extra money from online. Here is available many catagory jobs. Today we are write about how many catogary jobs are available in this platfrom. Here are many of employer post job so much arround the world. So lets know

Sign up jobs

  Here you get a huge jobs in this catogery. You can earn money by sign up website forum and other. Here is two type of sign up 1. Simple sign up 2. Complex sign up. Simple sign up means you just input your gmail and easily sign up by promoting website. You can earn money by doing per task 0.08$. For example an employer who need some member for his website. Like that this website name abc.xyz now he post a job in pico that 150 people create account in his website and per task cost 0.10$. If you do this job you can earn 0.10$ easily. The employer understanding you step by step how to do this task. You just follow their step and do this task. When employer check your activity and he will get information you will get payment menually. Complex sign up means you verify your kyc or any other document. The employer pay you so high for this task. There minimum payment for this task 0.14 and maximum payment up to $2. You can doing task like that install any airdrop apps or any social media apps. You can earn a lot of cents by doing this catogary tasks. 

Search click and engage tasks 

It is so easy jobs. Here minimum payment per task $0.03 to $0.15. It is website visit tasks. There are many of employer have blog website marketing website shopping website. They are need to seo there website in the target keywords. Then they post a job in pico that you go to google and search for this keyword. You can see the search result in your employer website which they suggest you. Then you visit this website and copy in there required proofs. Sometimes they ask you last sentence of article, url of article, url of website and screenshot browser history. You just follow their steps. If you complete there all  steps perfectly you will get payment from there. you must to try complete your task perfectly. Then there are more tasks will  appear for you.


Video marketing jobs

Video marketing means promote you tube and lbry video. Here you get many of video marketing jobs like that youtube lbry spotify etc related video. It is so easy. You can earn money per task $0.05 to $1.00. There are many of employer post youtube jobs. You just follow their rule. Like that you watch full video share this video different social media. Here is available huge lbry jobs. You just need verified lbry account. You can earn daily enough money from this catogary like that lbry video marketing. I suggest you that please do not cheat any employer. If they upload a you tube job please you must follow their rule fairly otherwise you will be banned imidietly. If you spamming here then employer do not post job so much. And they pay you less. If you work with honestly you will get more benifit from employer and picoworkers. We hope you enjoy your earning without any fraud or risk.

Social media marketing jobs

We know that there are many of social media in the world. The some popular social media is like that facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit, uhive, and others social media. If you know about all of social media this is good for you that woring picoworkers. Here is available many social media marketing jobs. Here social media jobs pay per task $0.02 to $2.00 its depend employer and your work. This job is so easy. Like that create facebook fage, like facebook page, create facebook business account, follow twitter share follow instagram post reddit upvote reddit and more. You can earn money nothing have any cost. 

Write a short review

It is so highest paying catagory jobs. There are many of employer have an online company or institute. There need have a support to you. Then they post job in this catogary. They pay in this task avarage $0.10 to $0.50 . When they post job they send you a guideline how to complete this task. If you meet their steps and complete this task perfectly you will get payment. Sometimes employer send you bonus if they fully satisfied. 

This catogary job in minimum payment $0.20. If you complete this catogary task you will get $20 per task. We know that there are many of apps in this world. Two types of apps like that android apps and ios apps. For example an employer he have a iq test app. He is make this app new and publish this app google play store. When he publish this app people will not use this app if he dont know about this app featured and review. Now if he publish this app he must marketing this app with some cost. Then he post a job in picoworkers that download this app and use and write an honest review about this app. Employer will notify you about this apps featured. You just need to follow their requirement and send them required proofs. If you complete all of steps carefully you will get payment for this task from employer.

surveys and offer

It is highest paying catogary jobs in picoworkers. There are many of employer post job for take survey for promote their business. Here payment per task average $0.20 to $2.00. You just need to follow their rule and get payment. This catogary job is some dificult. When you do this job please follow their steps carefully.

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