Concept of you tube and How does it work for beginners 2021 Aquirehow

YouTube is the world's largest video sharing platform.YouTube was founded on February 14, 2005 .You also earn money by uploading videos on YouTube.But there are some conditions for earning money on YouTube.

First you need to open a channel on YouTube.Most people in the world use YouTube in their spare time .

And you have to upload videos in the channel.And if you want to make money on YouTube, you have to reach 1000 subscribers to your channel and 4000 hours of watch time of your videos in your channel.

But it is not an easy task at all.

Because youtube's algorithm system can understand how much people like your videos.Depending on this, your video on YouTube will be sent to more people.

There are a few things you need to follow if you want to succeed in youtube.

Suppose you upload a video every 2 days, then you have to upload your video every 2 days.As a result, YouTube's algorithms will be able to understand your videos and send them to other people .

As a result, your videos will get more views .Success on YouTube requires a lot of hard work and a lot of patience .

You can't succeed on YouTube if you don't have the ability to do these two things with hard work and patience.

 Upload videos on topics that you know well.Because the quality of the video is better if you make videos on topics that you know well and are interested in. 

The first thing you need to do is upload regular videos so that YouTube can send your channel to more people .

When you get a certain number of viewers on your channel,

 you can upload videos at any time you want, no problem .You always have to make videos on trending topics in YouTube .This will give your videos more views .

There are a lot of people on YouTube right now so there is a lot of competition here .So always have to upload full quality video.

You have to create your own fanbus in YouTube .  This will turn you into a brand .then will be your price will be high and you will be get big sponsership 

for your videos .

How much money per 1000 views on YouTube ?

First of all, I would like to say how earning is done on YouTube .If ad comes to your video then you will be my research YouTube pays 29 cents per 1000 views .but if your video lenth 

8minutes long then youtube pays 40cent per 1000views .You can earn up to 2k  dollar per month from YouTube .Earnings on YouTube depend on the country because not all countries have the same value for money 

The main source of earning for many people is YouTube .

If you succeed on YouTube, you don't have to do anything else .

There are a few things you need to do to work on YouTube or phone(for editing videos) or phone(for shoot)

There are many types of categories on YouTube







If you have any qualifications, you can make a video on that subject and upload it on YouTube .

Then if people can have fun watching your video or learn something, they will subscribe to you .

When they subscribe to your channel, then when you upload a video, your video will go to them. 

Currently, the number of YouTube users has increased a lot during Corona .

So there is no shortage of viewers in YouTube. If you always upload good videos, you will soon have success in YouTube. 

The main theme of the video is the story of the video .

Even if you don't have a good camera at work, there is no problem if your video story is good .


The highest earning in youtube is the tech channel .

Technology videos are made in all these channels.Like phone reviews or HOW TO use OF different applications.

Tech channels teach us the use of technology.

comedy channels 

The lowest earning is in comedy channels.

Videos are made on these channels to make people laugh.

Most people prefer to watch these comedy channels.


All these channels talk about other people's mistakes .

There are also occasional jokes with other people .

vlog channels

Among these channels, YouTubers upload videos of themselves doing what they do all day long .

Videos are uploaded to this channel every day. They share every moment of their lives with the audience .


People are taught new cuisine through this channel .


Videos of new games are given in this channel. That's how a game is played .Many people play games all day and post them on YouTube in the form of videos.


Many people sing well. They make videos of their songs and upload them in YOUtubE.

Many people have just uploaded videos of their songs on YouTube and left them all over the world .



They dance a lot and upload their dance videos on YouTube .

Everyone on YouTube shows everyone's talent, but even if someone copies something from someone else, YouTube still has some rules. 


You should only upload content (including music, videos, and artwork) that you created or that you're authorized to use;

 otherwise, this could result in a copyright violation. 

If you use someone else’s content on your YouTube channel, the copyright owner can submit a takedown request.

 If you get three copyright strikes, your channel is subject to termination. 

If this is a valid request, your video will be removed from YouTube and you’ll get a copyright strike.If you get three copyright strikes, your channel is subject to 


You can wait for a copyright strike to expire, seek a retraction, or submit a counter-notification.

A Content ID claim may result in a takedown or lost revenue depending on the actions specified by the copyright owner

 (but you can dispute a claim you believe is wrong).

Alternatively, if you upload a video that contains copyright-protected material, you could end up with a Content ID 

claim issued by the party who owns the music, movies, TV shows, video games, or other copyright-protected material.

We believe it’s important to keep YouTube a platform that inspires vibrant creativity and protects creative rights.

 If another channel uploads your content without your permission, you may file a copyright complaint via our webform.


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