What is website and how does it work for beginners


A website is a platform where is collected of different content and topic or publicly accessible and it have a own domain name located. A website is create any of different topic like that blogging ecommerce internal process and it's created and maintained by invidiual group basis business world all history or organization to serve a variety purpose. 

There are many types of website like that including as educational sites social media sites forums porn sites news portal sites ecommerce sites blog sites etc. But all of internet depend platfrom is name website. Website all page call that webpage. Every webpage are usually a mix of content and other media like that photos and videos.

When a person or institute create a website there have a homepage it's follow a standards pattern that's links off to other categories and content within the website.


Every website have a beautiful homepage. This home page represents the main page of the site by the owner. Every webpage is structured by html document. And every document has link up homepage and every webpage that's call hyperlink. And all webpage has set as a category. Every category can combined a navigation bar.

All of website are include is www that's meaning world wide web. 

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