What is static website. Advantage and disadvantage of static website

 Static website means it contains every webpage with fixed content and all of page has been coded by the html and css and it's display the same information for every traffic. Its very easy to developed by the developer. This website are the most basic type and very easiest to create. And it's controlling is very easy.
When any traffic or visitor visit the home page the were viewing the original page.
When you visit the homepage, you are viewing the actual homepage file. Make a static website is not require to know any programming language or database design. A static website can be fully designed by html and css coding that upload all document in a server.

Static website maintain a lot of pages are often designed using web template. This is possible to update several page at one time. And it's also helps to provide a consistent layout through the site.

Advantage of static website: Static website is create and maintain is very easy. No need to learn any programming language. Creator just need to advance knowledge in html and css. And it's hosting cost is not expensive. Anybody work and develope this site. 

Disadvantage of static website: Though static website create is easy but there are most common problem to develope this website. If a static website have a huge of webpage then this site hosting and maintenance is most expensive when it's content develope and change time. And it's very lazy and slow to design and development. And it's very big problem to when you change or add others content it's not be possible to without html and programming language advanced language.


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