How to Make Money online for beginners and Students  2021  part 2

Work smart not hard

Previous Article we Discuss how to make mone online. These article is part 1. Now this article is part 2. We know that there are many people smartly earn from online. Now We discuss most effective way to make money online.

1. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money from online. Affiliate marketing works a marketer if he will sell a product he will get commission from the product owner. There are many platfrom to  give chance for affiliate marketing. There are many peoples are earn smartly from this. If You  want to earn by affiliate marketing you need some tools. There is not so much costs. You just need a pc or mobile and internet connection. If you properly earn from this you need to proper knowledge and great patience. If you want learn about this i recomended you have great place in youtube. There are many easy and free tutorial in youtube. When you do affliate marketing you need a website where you publish your or clients product. When you sale this product you will get comission from your client. Its depend which product you sale. Differnt prouduct is different comission. For example just think you are affiliate marketer. You publish drone camera product. That is price $900 and if you sale this product you will get 20% comission. Now if you sale this oroduct any where customer you will get 900÷20= 180 wow you will get 180 dollar instantly. If you sale this product 5 customers you will get 180×5=900 dollar. But i again tell you if you become an affiliate marketer you need to great patience. So lets start today.  There are popular affiliate marketing is AMAZON ALIBABA etc.

2. Blogging: Blogging is the best way to earn money. It is creativity profession. There are many people earn from they publishing there passion. A blogger earn money from google adsense and other advertising network. Any man any where to start blogging. You just need your patience and passion. There are many of people earn smartly by blogger. You can earn money multiple way by the blogger. But if you earn money from blogger you need your hard working. If you earn money by google adsense you need to follow some requirements.  You need to unique content and copyright free image. You will write article what do you know. And nothing have any cost just need a domain and hosting. If you use blogger you need just a domain. If  You  want to   blogging you will create a unique blog these website like that WordPress Google blogger Laravel and etc.

3. Content writing: Content writing is the most effective way to earn money from online. Anybody start content writing. Content writing means which topic do you know you write article about this. Like that you know about politics or story. You can able to write article with this. If you learn content writing or how to create content you will search google or youtube you will get thousands of article or video and you learn content writing easily. But i recomended that you will learn writing is professionally. Because of now have a competetion with content writing. A content writer earn money multiple way. He  will write artice for his client or his own. If you learn content writter you able to easily  have a blogger or successful affiliate marketer. A professional content writter can  earn $10k monthly. If they earn why you not earn. You need your proper knowledge and your patience.  You chose any topic like that history drama logic science and more and more. You write content  for your website. And there are many platfrom where is search content writing jobs. Like that LinkedIn upwork fiverr freelancer etc. 

4. YouTube: YouTube is the best and very easy platfrom to make money. It is a video sharing platfrom in the world.  It was          founded by 2005.  If you want to earn money from youtube you just need  a gmail and pc or mobile. You can earn money from youtube promote clients product review or adsense ads. You need to fill up some requirements for earn money youtube.  You tube is a google company website. An you tuber make money from google ads and third party ads.
You need some costs for youtubing thats depend which catogery video make you. If you make blogging or travelling you need to high quality camera or tutorial realeted you just need pc but if you publish your tutorial by face you need to a camera. 

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