How To Become A Web Designer For Beginners

Web design is the best career platform. Anybody become a web designer. It's requires  creativity as well as technical skills. There are million of million website creates different ways. Now We write that if anybody become a web designer what to do this. Just we Discuss step by step.

Language Skills: it is very important to know English language. You must have influent in English. English is an international language. There are whole of website is developed by English.

Html: Html full meaning  hyper text markup language. Html is a structure of website. Html all elements call that <tag>. Every website is used html because of its a structure of web design. We will publish how to learn html step by step. If you want to know more about html just go to w3school website. Here is know about html properly.

Css: Css meaning Cascading style sheet. Css is use a website all of design. It is a styling language. Css is use html tag or extra file. But if you use an external file you just need link up with your html file. All css code write <style> tag. Css is a very easy language. If you learn to properly you just need 10 or 20 days.

JavaScript: JavaScript is a scripting language. It is not a programming language. Html and css is use static website. But if your website make a dynamic you must need to learn JavaScript. There are many function of JavaScript. If you learn to advance JavaScript we will publish tutorial. But it is the best if you go to w3school. Here is get you all document and function.

Bootstrap: Bootstarp is a open source css and JavaScript freamwork. If you make a responsive website you must need to learn bootstrap. You go there website that's name getbootstrap. You know more about bootstrap.

If you learn all of step properly you will become a web designer easily. Next Article we Discuss to career of web design.

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