How to make money from Paidera and how does it work  for students 2021 Aquirehow

 Work Smart Not Hard 

Make Money online isn't easy but if you work with smart than easy to earn.

we will share to the world best survey site which pay there user many years. It  was founded 2018 that's name digicraft systems. This site name is paidera. It is the best earning site for students. Paidera is one of the best site to earn money online.
If you want to earn money from this platform you  nothing have any costs or invest. You just need a Gmail and a smartphone or pc. So lets start.

How to sign up: you will go to google and search this website and go to there homepage. You can see create new account and  You click this button to create new account. You will get a form and you fill up this form correctly and set a strong password. Then click sign up button. You will go to redirect this page. Now you need to verify your email. You can see up verify your account you can simply click this button and they send you a verification mail. You will go to your Gmail and see their email inbox or spam folder. Guys if you see it will be send spam folder please you report this mail not a spam for their updates email. You can click this link and its instantly verify. You will get $0.50 sign up bonus. Now you can earn money here.


Now we Discuss how to earn  money from Paidera.
You will earn money from paidera different way.

1. Take A Survey: It is the most effective way to earn money from online. They pay there user per survey $0.08-$2.00. Survey means they simply ask you  some simple question and you can answer this question as you choice. It is not important to you select a correct answer. It is very easy just need need your patience. You can earn daily $2 or $5 from this if you complete some requirements. there Survey means there sponsor have a very big company. Like that Samsung apache KFC McDonald's EBay etc. You have answer there question of your experience. Like that you take a survey by the Samsung company. They ask to you do you like phone what brand mobile you use. Do you like Samsung. Do you use Samsung product. 

2. Answer the Quiz: You have earn some extra money by the playing quiz. Guys there have a multiple way to earn money.   There are many quiz store there. You just answer this quiz question. There system has a quiz unlock per hour. You can earn money from this select the correct answer. They pay you $0.03-0.20. This balance is added your main balance. If you complete a quiz you will able to complete the same quiz after one hour. There are many quiz like that general knowledge science puzzle math related.

3. Referral: Referral is the most important for earn money from paidera. You will make huge money from paidera if you refer your friends. You will get a referral link from paidera. You can invite your friends via social media website email and directly. If anybody create an account from your link you will get bonus by some condition. If you refer your friends  your friend must be verify their email otherwise this is not get paid from referral.  The referral system works they will pay you $0.10 per refer the first 25 referral. Then they not pay you any amount per refer. But if you earn money from their a huge you must refer your friends.  when you refer your friends  your survey is unlock for your refer. Like that if you refer 250 people you may be get survey $100 price. And you earn money a lot. 

4. Write a short Article: They pay there users if their user write about paidera and publish his blog site. Every approved article is pay them $0.10. It is very easy and not hard. You can write article of any topic. Like that how to take survey, how to withdraw, and etc as you wish about this.          You just write article about paidera and publish your blog site. You just paste there website. When it's approved you will get your bonus.

4. Create a short video: Paidera pay there users when you create a short you tube video. You can create video any kinds. You just Create a video and publish this video on your you tube channel. And you submit this video link there box. When it's approved you will get your bonus payment. 

If you want to perfectly earn you will follow some rules: It is very important. You must have only one accounts per ip. If you create multiple account you will not get paid. Do not use vpn or proxy when you working. You will be banned immediately.
How to withdraw and minimum withdraw:- Paidera only support only PayPal payments. Their minimum payment is $30. When you earn up to $30 you will able to withdraw your earning balance. But if you refer  up to 150 people you can withdraw $20. But you must have a verified PayPal account. You will not withdraw without PayPal.
Hope you have a great idea about paidera

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