How to make money online for beginners and students 2021 part-1 (Aquirehow)

In the modern age every man has been Dependent on the internet every day. And many of institute has been fully depend internet. Now a days nobody never thing without internet. Same there are many economical platform has been depend on the internet.

Now a days there are many man smartly  earn   money from online by there experience. There are many ways to earn money from online. If anybody working smart then not hard to make money online.

 If we see that there are all of world top company and institute  are fully depend internet. They thought nothing without internet. Now we are write a article about how to make money from online. If you want to earn money from online you need your hard work and patience. You can choice any topic which knowledge you know. So let start to very effective and popular way to make money online.

Web design 

we firstly discus this platfrom. You know that there are many big company amazon google alibaba yahoo wikipedia aliexpress and more. Thats all of website. This is very big platform. Web design is a good profession to earn money online. If you want to become a web designer we already publish this topic. But there are basics knowledge if you want a web designer you need to learn about html css javascript jquery bootstrap. You can give many free video tutorial from you tube. You can learn about this by watching this free tutorial. A web designer earn money multiple way. But the best way to make money by freelancing.
Web Developement: Web developement is the best for make money. It is so hard. If you want to developer i am tell you that please you working hard otherwise you will not success. I am now learning web developement and i share my exprience with you. I am firstly learn about web design and now i am web designer. I hope i become a professional web developer in future. Please pray for me. You need to know some programming language and other things like that 1. Html 2. Css 3. Javascript 4. Jquery 5. Bootstrap  6. Ajax 7. Wordpress 8. Ui 9. Ux 10. Php 11. Python. You can learn this one by one.  I am learn about php programming language. If you want please contact me i will teach you about php. You know that if you want a web developer will more way open for you to make money. A  web developer earn money from online is so much. There are many institute has teaching web developement. If you admit this institute you learn web developemet easily.  A web developer demand is very much in the competitive world. You can work freelancing marketplace or diirect work with clients company or you will able to launch a business. 

Graphic design

Graphic design is the best way to make money online. It is a very interesting platform. You also can make money by graphics design. I have a friend who have make very good money from online. If you want to graphics design you must need a pc. I recomended desktop. There are many kinds of graphics design like that logo design banner design business card design and etc. You need have some software if you want graphic design. These name adove photoshop, adove ilastrator and other. These files are very big so you must have a good stroage on your pc. Otherwise you will be face many problem. Sometimes if you have low stroage you pc is get probability hang. So please use high stroage pc if you become a graphic designer.      

Data entry

Data entry means  collect data or matching data. There are many types of data entry  like that 1. Primary data entry 2. Secondary data entry 3. Captcha entry 4. Data scrapping 5. Data mining 6. Data reasearch. If you become a data entry operator you need some software like that 1. MS word 2. MS excel 3. MS powerpoint 4. MS access and patience. A data entry operator can make money by online job or offline job. It is so easy than graphic design and web design. In this time a data entry operator value is so high. You can make money from online marketplace or direct company deal. You can work with a company for lifetime. There are all of company need data entry operator for their business.

Apps development

 We see that there are many types of app. Like that social media app knowledge app  game app  and other things. You see that the million of million apps in the play store or app store. Every app has been designed and developed by apps developer. It is the the best way to make money. You can make app for your client or your own app. If you want to become an app developer you must need to learn the java programmimg. There are many of apps are developed by java. You can earn money by your app monitization  in google admob ads. But if you want to approved admob you need to complete some requirements. There are many of people earn smartly by monitizimg their app in the admob ads. There are two types of apps like that android apps and iOS app.


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