What Is Ethereum And How Does It Work?


Ethereum is a best and good price cryptocurrency in the world.

It  is a controlized  open source blockchain featuring  contract functionality. it  is the old and native  cryptocurrency of the cryptocurrency  platform. 



we know that the highest and popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Then second  the popular and best priceas cryptocurrency is Ethereum.

The first Ethereum creator was name Vitalik Buterin. He is a computer programmer and scientist. He was created Ethereum cryptocurrency  in 2013  . When it's created its not come on marketplace. The Next year in 2014 was crowdfunded. 


when it's came on platform Its distributed 72 millions Ethereum by the Airdrop. The Ethereum mined a electronic digital machine that name The Ethereum virtual machine that call EVM. Its mining complete hardly script turing  applications. 

In 2016. its a black day for the Ethereum. Because of Some of hacker attacks Ethereum patfrom and they stole $50 billion Ethereum.

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