What Is Car Insurance And How Does It Work For Beginners 2020

What is car insurance:

Car  insurance means  a contract between an insurer and insurance company protect  financial loss that means car accident or other. It's very important every driver or car owners. It's work insurer paying insurance policyholder by the insurance company for protection financial loss.

Car insurance works an insurer insurance policy agreement between insurer and policyholder.

When an insurer register insurance company they pay monthly or annually premiums.

And the insurance company help their insurer covered their financial loss. And an insurer easily claim their money by the policyholder.


How Does Work Car Insurance And why  Does It Need:

An example a car driver who drive car and covered his financial services for his family. Suddenly he get an accident and his car is totally damage. He cannot drive his car and then he face a big financial problem. If he covered this problem he need a lot of money. Now he have a insurance account where he pay monthly premium. Then he easily claim his money by his policyholder.  And he covered his financial loss easily. So it's very important for every driver or car owners.


How to claim Car Insurance:

When an insurer pharsase car insurance it's will be calculated of the amount of coverage their buy individual factor like that insurer age driving license and others document.

Every insurer need car insurance when they face an accident or their car damaged or stolen. Then they put their car insurance to work by fill up a claim. And you must include how much they  withdraw for coverage their financial problem. And their insurance company will paying for the cost of the damaged it's depend their car repair buy car and this situation.

And it's depend where their insurer live then the insurance company pay them directly. Or insurance company pay them third party it's may be entity repair a car or medical service or third party injury. If the insurer car is a lease the insurance claim their payment made out to their leaseholder.

Next Article we Discuss All of policy with the car insurance.

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