We know that insurance means protect future financial loss. There are many types of loss like that Property loss, Health protection, Car Accident, Not enough funds for the travel when traveling and others.

Those some topics depend to different of insurance. Now We discuss There are 5 type insurance that's name below.

How  Many Type of insurance For Beginners 2020

1. Life Insurance: When an ideal family plan prosper there future life it's very important for there financial. Then they must registry a insurance. Because of when they thought their life or protect financial loss now needs a lot of money. If they Make a insurance by the insurance company. That's insurance call Life Insurance.


2. Health insurance: A good Health is very important for every family. We know that health is wealth. So it's very important. Now Just an example that a family is fell a dangerous disease like that cancer. We know that cancer is a very dangerous diseas. It's treatment is very expensive and timely. But a family has not unable to do this treatment. It's very risk a man or women. Now as a family have any insurance account then he is able to easily treatment this Incurable disease by the insurance. That's insurance call Health insurance.


3. Car Insurance: A car insurance is protect your vehicles future accenditial car financial loss. An example that a men who has a driver. He is driving normally. But Unfortunately he is fell an accident. Now he is unable to repair his car because of not enough funds. As a result if he have a insurance. He is repair his car or any vehicle easily by his insurance account.
That's call Car Insurance. 


4. Travel Insurance: A travel insurance means ensure the financial safety or loss protection of a traveller during a trip. It's very important for every traveller. Because of an example a traveller when they traveling they are needs a lots of money. There are many travel agency don't give them visa and passport without any travel insurance. The travel insurance help them when they traveling suddenly their money lost any situation. They don't cover this problem without any travel insurance. So it's very important for every traveller.



5. Property Insurance : Any building or immovable structure property can be insured. Property insurance means when making a big or any property suddenly any damage befall such a property then insurer can claim financial help from the insurance company.

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